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Automatic opening of the first order on the indicator RSI.
Parameters show the settings and levels of the indicator.

Note: All distance parameters are specified in the coefficients from the ATR volatility indicator.

At indicators of indicator RSI in oversoldness the warrant BuyStop opens, at overbought - SellStop, on distance Distance_pending from market price.
In case of price movement from the order - a pending order is trailed behind the market price at the Distance_pending distance in the settings.
If a pending order opens into the market and the price moves in the direction of loss, the robot expects a new signal to open from the RSI indicator. When a signal appears, a new pending order is placed, but with a restriction no closer than Distance_betw_ord from the last open order.
The calculation of the lot of each subsequent order can be made through the parameter Martin. If you do not want to use this function, install Martin = 1.
In the event of a price drop in profit from the opening price of the order for the distance, more than those specified in the parameter Distance_Trall_SL_start, to each order, StopLoss is set at Distance_Trall_SL from the market price. StopLoss is common for all grid orders.
Thrall StopLoss at Distance_Trall_SL from the market price, which increases profit.
Take-profit robot is not used, because in this strategy, TakeProfit will only limit the potential profit.
The following levels are displayed on the screen: the break-even price for all orders of one grid, the price where the next pending order will be placed, the price where the new order will be placed, the price where the trawl StopLoss function will be included, the StopLoss price.

The robot uses the function Control_valuts, which allows you to protect the deposit from excessive load when opening unidirectional orders for each currency pair in the purchase / sale.
For example, in the market there is a Buy order on the EURUSD tool. This means that on the GBPUSD pair only the Sell net can be opened and the Buy net can not be opened, since in the already opened position USD is on sale, and GBPUSD USD is bought on sale.
Note: If you run a robot on an instrument that does not consist of two currencies (for example, indices or stocks) - you need to disable this feature.

The Expert Advisor sends out alerts and sends them to the mobile terminal. The AlertError and PushError settings turn on the alert if there is a problem with the Expert Advisor.