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Buttons on the chart to open a primary order.

When the price moves to the profit zone, the StopLoss trawl

Construction of averaging grids in case of an unsuccessful opening of an order by a trader.

The break-even price is marked on the chart with yellow marks.

The total virtual TakeProfit for each grid is marked with a golly mark on the graph.

With each addition of the order to the grid, the TakeProfit is adjusted so as to approximate the closing price of the grid, avoiding increasing the risk of large drawdown.

Several independent order screens can work on one tool.


  • First lots on series - the lot of the first order opened manually.
  • Lots exponent - the coefficient of increase of the next lot. To disable it, set it to 1.
  • Grid distance - the distance of the grid of orders.
  • Maximum orders on series - limit the number of orders in the grid.
  • TP first order on series - TakeProfit order opened manually.
  • Trail start function (pips profit) - the distance from the opening price of the initial order for the launch of the Trawl StopLoss function.
  • Trail distance (pips) is the size of the StopLoss when the trawl function is running.
  • MagicNumber


    Be careful when choosing the size of the primary lot! Requires a stock to increase the lots in the grid. For more risky trading, it's best to start with a minimum lot on the instrument.

    Avoid overloading the deposit with a large number of simultaneously open positions.