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Opening of the order for the crossing of the Maximum / Minimum of the previous day's price
A set of parameters allows you to significantly change the logic of trade
Setting the direction of opening - leaving the channel or returning to the channel.
Opening of the order for the analysis of the current / closed bar.
Enable / disable the Martingale function.
The ability to set the distance of StopLoss and TakeProfit both in fixed values,
and in percentage of the size of the High/Low prices of the previous day.


SIGNAL (Out from Range / Return in Range) - selection of the order opening mode - Breakdown / Return to the channel
Signal_Bar (Current / Closed) - selection of the analyzed bar for receiving the signal - Current / Closed
Lots - the volume of the opened order
Martin - the increase in the lot after a losing trade. To disable this function, set the value to 1
Close_on_contrsignal - Enable the Closing of all orders when receiving the opposite signal
Only_one_order_on_day - enabling the restriction function to open only one transaction per day on the current instrument
Magic - the identifier for recognition by the adviser of the "" orders.
TP_SL_MODE (Pips / Percent_from_Range) - the switch of the mode of setting the TP and SL (Fixed in pips / As a percentage of the channel)
TP_pips - fixed Take-Profit
SL_pips - fixed stop-loss
TP_perc_from_Range- Percentage value for calculating Take-Profit from the value of the channel
SL_perc_from_Range - Percentage value for calculating Stop-Loss from the value of the channel
Trall_SL_start - The distance in pips, covered by the price in the profit zone to enable the Trailing function. To disable the trailing function, set 0 (Zero)
Trall_SL_pips - Distance in pips from the price at which the stop-loss will be Trailing