FOREX-MQL.COMFree download experts-advisor for MetaTrader 4

The work of the adviser is built on the well-known strategy of the MorningFlat.
In it, logic is built on solidification that in the morning hours according to the European time,
before the opening of the main stock exchanges, the price is in the narrowest corridor of daily price fluctuations,
and in any case there will be a breakdown and a significant move up or down.
This movement is caught by a robot.

The trader sets the time at which he thinks the price is in the morning.
A robot stands for this channel with a blue rectangle.
If the channel is larger or smaller than the set values ​​in the corresponding parameters, the red rectangle and the input are ignored.
When the channel is completed, pending orders are set at its upper and lower limits.

If the price has not reached the TakeProfit and turned to the opposite level, then the opposite order opens with the increased lot.
General TakeProfit is transferred to the profit zone of the order opened last.
All orders are closed upon reaching the total TakeProfit.

There is a button for closing all orders.
The function of sending push messages to a smartphone or tablet.